Investment Management

As an investor with complex needs, you require an advisor you can partner with to identify productive solutions for your financial and life goals.

Our team at LPL Financial consists of seasoned and accomplished industry veterans, comprising one of the largest and most experienced research groups among independent brokerage firms. To that end, it is absolutely critical to our successful partnership with LPL Financial that we have unbiased and independent investment research, asset allocation strategies and timely market perspective.

Buley Wealth Management Group and LPL Financial focus their greatest strengths on building and monitoring portfolio’s for investors. Our collaborative process offers a research platform that covers everything from the nuts and bolts of portfolio construction and manager due diligence to delivering guidance and market updates for the management of your portfolio. Your investment portfolio should reflect not only your financial needs but also your attitudes toward risk, savings, and wealth. Effective asset allocation helps drive that balance between risk and reward.

Portfolio Strategy: Portfolio Strategy expertise truly sets LPL Financial Research apart from its competitors. Our analysts determine the assets allocation model based on investment objectives and the strong relationship between risk and return in the portfolios, and then selects the models and combinations of managers for each portfolio based on a variety of characteristics and corresponding performance in over 300 different market conditions (using our proprietary statistical SAT tool).

Focus on the Big Picture: The LPL Financial Research asset allocation process is a multi-disciplined, collaborative effort. Each week potential investment opportunities are discussed with the goal of augmenting and refining shorter term asset allocation, while still ensuring a focus on the “big picture” investment environment. As part of the asset allocation process analysts focus on several factors:

  • Risk Analysis is the start of the asset allocation process. Understanding when the market environment is rewarding or penalizing risk-taking helps to set the framework of the asset allocation to either a defensive or opportunistic tone.
  • Insight on current factors that are impacting the markets such as U.S. and global economic growth, corporate earnings trends, market sentiment, interest rates, monetary and fiscal policy, and geopolitical concerns.
  • Vital details on the ever changing fundamental and valuation inputs to the different sectors and asset classes. We believe that price matter and spend time understanding which investment opportunities offer the best risk/reward tradeoff.
  • Consolidated views from the hundreds of portfolio managers we recommend and monitor. This valuable input provides an important complement to our ideas and investment process.
  • Data and analysis tools to help make solid tactical decisions. Quantitative analysts provide real time, technical overlay to our process on asset allocation, helping us to not only make the correct decision on which asset class to allocate to, but also providing us with the optimal time to make that decision.

Adapting to Market Conditions: LPL Financial Research provides advice and implements both strategic and tactical assets allocation models.  The key difference between these two types of advice is the timeframe over which we are targeting investment opportunities.  Our strategic asset allocation process looks out over a three to five year time horizon.  Quarterly, we retest the strength of our asset allocation recommendations.  Frequently we retest the strength of our asset allocation recommendations.    If significant market fluctuations warrant a change we may make adjustments.  Relative to strategic asset allocation, tactical models are designed to focus over a much shorter timeframe, and potentially take advantage of opportunities as short as a few months.  Tactical asset allocation is not the same as “market timing.”  Rather more timely changes can allow portfolios to benefit from rapidly changing opportunities within the market.  We follow this tactical model allocation strategy.

Investment Manager Recommendations: Our investment manager selection and due diligence efforts for money managers, separate accounts and alternative investment strategies is based on a strong and thorough investment discipline. Our recommendations are unbiased. As an independent financial services firm, you can be confident we are making decisions based solely on recommending the best investment option for a specific purpose. The research process combines quantitative and qualitative screening factors and analysis that do not include or consider in any way any financial arrangements or business relationships that may or may not exist between LPL Financial and the manager.

Asset Allocation: Asset allocation is important because, when investing in multiple asset classes, your portfolio may perform more consistently over time and it may minimize the risk of underperformance. Market conditions that can help one asset class to perform well may cause another to have average or poor returns over the same period. And a portfolio consisting of a diversified* group of investments may be able to limit your losses and reduce the fluctuations of investment returns without sacrificing potential gain. *(Asset allocation does not ensure a profit or protect against a loss. There is not guarantee that a diversified portfolio will enhance overall returns or outperform a non-diversified portfolio.  Diversification does not ensure against market risk)

Quantitative Analysis: The function of the Research Analytics Group is to perform quantitative analysis, performance measurement, attribution, and appraisal of Research’s recommendations and platforms, while managing the underlying data and application usage of products and services within the team.

Investment and Market Communications: The Investor Strategy Group is focused on delivering timely, efficient, and accurate communication of our investment advice to help you stay informed. We provide weekly communication on the equity and fixed income markets.

We are committed to your success.

As I focus on understanding your unique goals, designing and implementing an appropriate private investment management strategy; LPL Financial works to gather, process, and distribute their best investment ideas and performance results to help me make informed, actionable decisions to meet your financial goals.

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